Concepts and ideas can move at the speed of thought. Costs and schedules generally do not.

I love working on concepts because you are living in the world of pure potential. Like a mirage, ideas have some amount of definition at distance, but as you get closer, the image dissolves. Money and time bring ideas back to earth and can add the necessary detail that people need to get a better understanding of what you intend to do.

Want to bring an idea to life? Take your thoughts and start working now to figure out the money and time needed for that idea to start making money on its own. This is the simple reality of doing business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs find it comfortable talking about ideas, and less so on how to make their ideas happen. People that are getting it done are working with their money and time resources from the inception of the project. Building a cohesive organization starts with understanding all the resources at your disposal and how they can be best utilized over the life of your project.

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