The call of the wild is what keeps entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders moving forward. You never really know when the call may come or in what form, but the important thing is to be there to answer it. Responding to a call means that doors of opportunity that you previously did not perceive may open before you.

Deep in the forest a call was sounding, and as often as he heard this call, mysteriously thrilling and luring, he felt compelled to turn his back on the fire and the beaten earth around it, and to plunge into the forest, and on and on, he not knew where or why; nor did he wonder where or why, the call sounding imperiously, deep in the forest.

— Jack London, The Call of the Wild

Seeking the unknown is not for everyone. Applying the Pareto principle loosely to this situation, if 80% of the population is content where they are, then the other 20% of us are driving forward exploring uncharted markets, landscapes, or ideas. As we make new connections and discoveries, we bring those new concepts back to civilization in the form of new sources of value.

However, I believe that all people are capable of answering the call and becoming explorers. It starts with taking a good look at where you are and making the right decisions about what you want to do next. Moment to moment, what are you choosing to do and is it getting you to where you need to go?

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