The power of uncovering mindsets

There is structure all around us: the buildings in which we live and work; the relationships between our family and friends; the patterns of day, night, and the passing of the seasons.

Structure can be overt and expressive. And it can also be hidden. 

The kind of structure that a person can’t readily perceive can be difficult to work with because it lacks definition. What you can’t see, you can’t define. This kind of structure is intangible, but can impact human lives in major ways.

Uncovering hidden structures, the kind that resides in our mind in the form of a mindset, can take time to coax into the open. However, understanding your mindset and that of others one’s is the key to helping one create lasting change. 

When you understand the underlying forces that are driving people’s actions, then it becomes much easier to create mutually beneficial solutions.

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