Creating a new architecture for business and government starts with creating new patterns of behavior.

The patterns and routines that people follow moment to moment, day to day, and year to year over their lives make up the foundation for the important structures in our lives such as family, school, work, and our government. The health of any system can be measured by the tolerance of deviation from established norms of behavior. Our culture and civil laws provide the guidelines that help shape what people choose to do.

Education has served to broaden our awareness of what other people are doing, from our neighbors to people living in other places around the world. Social media and other digital tools has accelerated and expanded our reach and has made us more aware of what other people are doing in real time.

Being able to see over the horizon, from an individual’s or organization’s point of view, has never been easier and it has enabled people to proactively create the future they want for themselves. When people start making, they start changing. The act of creation is an act of breaking from established routines because you are now making decisions for yourself.

Interesting things start to happen when the efforts of individuals, businesses, and governments become aligned. The effects of their actions are magnified and all parties win because their actions and interests are coordinated. It appears that states and local municipalities have been the most successful in providing the resources needed for people with bright ideas and the drive to create. Here are several examples: 1, 2, and 3.

Across the United States, local governments are stimulating growth and enabling people to think and act on their own as business business owners, inventors, or innovators. As a culture, we are now in the business of idea generation and production, which will have the effect of fueling our economy.

This process has had the subtle effect of enabling people to change the way they think about the future and their place in it. It not only gives people hope, but it reinforces personal responsibility, motivates people to think about taking the initiative, and helps people to see other businesses and our government as partners and as a resource.

At this point, their actions make them part of the creative process which is a fundamental change in the way people think of the government, which is usually as a top-down entity. As partners, governments become facilitators of action. As a result, individuals and businesses become the vehicles for creating change and developing new ways of thinking and interacting.

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