Apple is going to be introducing it’s iPhone 8 on September 12 and it is expected that they will introduce the new way people will use the device.  Specifically, gesture controls appear to be replacing the home button. Or not.

There’s a lot of speculation about other potential as well: 

Apple teases the future of augmented reality apps  (CNN Wire)

Apple Reveals Apple Pencil for iPhone with Notifications of when to change the Tip so as to avoid Display Damage  (Patently Apple)

Apple iOS 11 will change how you use your phone with new augmented reality and Siri features  (Independent)

iPhone Users Will Be Able to Say ‘Hey Cortana, Open Alexa’ in Future  (Mac Rumors)

Wireless charging: How a key iPhone 8 feature could work  (The Telegraph)

Taking a step back, what are people saying about the future of the smartphone?

The Smartphone’s Future: It’s All About the Camera  (New York Times)

Smarter capabilities:  5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones  (Hongkiat)

It’ll get smarter:  The Future of Smartphones  (Forbes)

Modular features and dual camera:  Smartphones Are Boring: Here’s What Happens Next  (Wall Street Journal)

Human/machine fusion:  Death of the Smartphone and what comes after  (Business Insider)

Others are talking about the end of the smartphone:

The End Of The Smartphone Era?  (Twice)

Analysts predict the end of the smartphone boom  (engadget)

Internet Trends 2017: The End of Smartphones?  (project-disco)

End of smartphones? Fears of global shortage as Earth runs out of materials  (Express)

The end of smartphone innovation  (Benedict Evans)

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