Japan is currently in the midst of it’s longest growth streak since 2001

Here are the headlines:

Japan’s economy posts longest growth streak since 2001  (BBC)

Japan Extends Economic Growth Streak  (NYT)

Japan Chalks Up Best Winning Streak Since 2001 on Export Boost  (Bloomberg)

Japan logs longest phase of growth in 16 years  (Deutsche Welle)

What is causing the growth?

All in all, Japan’s economy has been doing well lately, mainly on the back of surging exports including smartphone parts and memory chips.

Investment linked to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has also boosted growth. Wage rises have been tepid, though, and the government has struggled to overcome years of deflation.


Japan’s Expanding Economy Hides Wealth Disparity  (Bloomberg)

What is the future of Japan?

Japan’s Present is America’s Future  (Triple Pundit)

Investors should wake up to Japan’s robotic future  (FT)

Vision:  The Future of Japan  (CNN)

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