One of the more interesting developments in bicycles is the electric-motor:

Power-assist electric bicycles coming from Yamaha  (LA Times)

Interbike showcases e-bikes in Vegas  (Velo News)

The Rise Of The E-Bike: Smart Choice For Commuting & Better Health  (Clean Technica)

This electric bike can cover 236 miles on a single charge  (Smarter Living)

This Danish Company Wants Suburbanites To Ditch Their Cars For E-Bikes  (Fast Company)

Soon e-bikes will be everywhere  (Electric Bikes Blog)

First Ever Dockless, Electric-Assist Bike Share Bikes Hit The Streets In D.C.  (Cision)

Eazy Bike Transforms Any Bicycle Into An Affordable E-Bike In Two Minutes  (Digital Trends)


What are the options for electric bikes?

2017 Editors’ Choice for Best Electric Bikes  (Electric Bike Review)

5 Best electric bikes for 2017: all you need to know about e-bikes  (Cycling Weekly)

2016 Buyer’s Guide: Best E-Bikes  (Bicycling)

The Best Electric Bikes You Can Buy  (Digital Trends)

The best electric bikes 2017  (Smarter Living)


What will be the impact of electric bikes?

The Environmental Impact of Electric Bikes  (Triple Pundit)

Surprising Ways An Electric Bike Affects The Environment  (Green Future)

40 Million Electric Bikes Spark Environmental Dilemma in China  (National Science Foundation)

Will Electric Bicycles Get Americans to Start Pedaling?  (Yale Environment 360)

The Environmental Cost of Electric Bikes vs. Cars and Motorcycles  (Electric Bike Review)

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