The connections that are built between people are only as strong as you want them to be.

Moving through life, I find myself creating strong and weak bonds with different groups of people. I maintain working relationships with people around the world that I have never met in person.  They are reliable and productive, but I truly don’t know them.  Perhaps not knowing is absolutely fine when technology has given people the ability to reach out and touch someone any time and any place.  However, I believe people are looking for more than just access to others–they want quality connections.

The connections to people and places are what define our reality and help keep us grounded in a constantly shifting world.

I believe that over time, people will tire of living a highly connected life and will seek to maintain only those relationships where the bonds are strongest.  How can you measure the strength of a bond between a person or group of people?  Very basically, is information or support moving in both directions or only one-way? People grow quickly tired of being in a relationship where there is no mutual support.

[Photo: A strong connection at Yards Park in Washington, DC]

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