1. What will be the state of design in 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 years?
  2. Will design agencies still exist given the current trend of corporations hiring their own design staff?
  3. Will corporations become agencies of design?
  4. Who will consider the public good?
  5. What is the potential that exists in a design-informed citizenry?
  6. How will design be defined?
  7. What skills will be needed by future designers?
  8. With the rise of artificial intelligence, what will be the role of design?
  9. How will technology continue to impact the evolution of design?
  10. Will technology amplify the impact of the designer?
  11. Will we still need humans to filter information and make sense of the unknown?
  12. Will the designer-as-hero cease to exist or become more important than ever to shepherd people towards a new reality?
  13. Will designers come to resemble the role that architects serve as master-builders?
  14. What does a world look like where everyone is a designer?
  15. If everyone is a designer, then who is executing?
  16. What would a Post-Design Age look like?
  17. Will designers and design thinkers merge or continue down separate paths?
  18. In an increasingly automated world, where will people find inspiration?
  19. Will design researchers and strategists play a more important role in understanding context and the nature of change?
  20. Will designers develop greater clarity about what should be?
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