Get the Right People in the Room

Empty room waiting to be filled

“Let’s get a few smart people together in one room to figure this out.” If only it were that easy. Getting people together is a start, but are they the right people to solve the specific problem? A skilled facilitator can help guide people down the right path. However, game-changing results tend to happen only when the people at the … Read More

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: the future of sports cars in five dimensions

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, an EV concept car that was developed in conjunction with MIT, is a vision from the future.  A super car that runs on batteries, the designers sought to address the future of sports cars in five different dimensions: …energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion systems, visionary design, and emotion. The first two of those dimensions it … Read More

The role of the humanities, design, and aesthetics in our energy future

The words humanities, design, and aesthetics are not words that I would normally think to use with the word energy.  However, they are used together in this article in MIT News: “Energy transition through aesthetics and culture” by Francesca McCaffrey. The subtitle of the article:  “MIT Energy Initiative seminar examines the role of the humanities, design, and aesthetics in catalyzing … Read More