Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: the future of sports cars in five dimensions

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, an EV concept car that was developed in conjunction with MIT, is a vision from the future.  A super car that runs on batteries, the designers sought to address the future of sports cars in five different dimensions: …energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion systems, visionary design, and emotion. The first two of those dimensions it … Read More

The role of the humanities, design, and aesthetics in our energy future

The words humanities, design, and aesthetics are not words that I would normally think to use with the word energy.  However, they are used together in this article in MIT News: “Energy transition through aesthetics and culture” by Francesca McCaffrey. The subtitle of the article:  “MIT Energy Initiative seminar examines the role of the humanities, design, and aesthetics in catalyzing … Read More

Disney is getting into the blockchain business

Through a spinoff company named Dragonchain, Disney has entered the blockchain technology business.  It joins companies such as Aeternity, ContentKid, Dfinity, Chain of Things, Flowchain, Decissio, and Cognate among others. What does Dragonchain do?  Nat Levy, writing in GeekWire, said: Dragonchain is made up of three core business arms. The first is a nonprofit established last year after Disney made … Read More