This is a collection of articles that caught my attention this week with the theme of designing for resilience.

Who’s talking about resilience? People working in psychology, government, information technology, climate change, architecture, product development, urban design, and infrastructure. I believe that as people become more aware of change, the more they will want to figure out how to work with it to survive for the long term.

The new normal: designing for climate resilience

Designing Resilience: The Intersection of Digital Technology and Physical Space

London attacks: how do you protect people from terrorism through urban design?

Why it’s vital to design failure into our parenting

Foam and Magnets Create Crash Resilient Quadcopter

Nations jockey for influence in cyberspace

Lessons From the Oroville Dam in Science

Who knew addressing the floodplain could be so beautiful?

A common vision for a way out of the Cyprus conundrum


These posts were published earlier in the week on this blog:

Resilience is adaptability

Why does resilience matter?

The problem with resilience

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