Not all walls can be seen. The walls that we perceive in our homes or in everyday life are easy to spot.

The walls that you feel emotionally or psychologically are the toughest to sense and overcome. Most often these are unspoken or unseen barriers to entry such as cultural differences between people.

Breaking through these walls is not impossible. It often requires attention to detail to pick up on the subtleties of behavior or attitude while also having open dialogue and mutual understanding.

The first time I briefed a group of executives early in my career I had the realization that they look, think, and talk differently. More professionally might be the best way to put it. Over time I realized how to connect with them by presenting to and addressing them in a more organized manner, among other things.

The biggest lesson is that I had to put my ego aside to really focus on the nuances of their behavior to learn how to connect with them.

Breaking through walls takes time, but more importantly the ability to listen to what others need in order for the walls to dissolve or the doors to open.

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