Digital tools expand one’s awareness and reach. They can also increase productivity and enable people to make connections that they would otherwise not perceive.

When working in physical space and with three dimensions, people are tied to the patterns of nature: night and day, the rise and fall of the tides, prevailing winds, the passing of the seasons, or even evolving human culture.

Digital space has no limits, no time, and effectively no resistance. This reality enables humans to be everywhere while they are simultaneously grounded in physical space. For some, perhaps this is a more appealing reality. As I write this, my other posts are being read around the world in various countries while I’m secure in my desk chair. 

The challenging aspect of living in both the digital and physical world is that you need to effectively balance them. Too much time in one, and the other suffers. Knowing what you are trying to achieve across both realms can help you proceed in a way that you don’t sacrifice your presence in either world.

Staying connected and engaged with others is not easy, but digital tools can help bring people closer and can remove physical impediments to building relationships. Some of the most rewarding connections for me have come randomly via Twitter.

In order to make new connections, you have to be open to receiving them.

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