Technology is developing quickly and faster than people can comprehend.

When we are in a position of reacting to what is moving towards us, we are at a disadvantage and we have lost control of what we are doing. However, this is what makes the startup, entrepreneur, and innovation scene so exciting. People are putting themselves out there to solve a problem, hopefully make a profit and a name for themselves. It’s an interesting mix of ingredients that has the potential to create life changing products, tools, and services for all.

The digital revolution, which is still in its infancy, is going touch all aspects of our lives. Human networks, processes, and systems will essentially be recreated within the digital world. This space, infinite in resources and potential, is a place where anything can happen.

The challenge for people looking to develop digital tools is simply figuring out what human systems could be made better within digital space. A great example is Square. Paying for something, anywhere, has never been easier because the creators removed all of the friction out of the payment process.

Removing friction, barriers, and impediments is what makes a great digital product and is the key to making a truly valuable product. One’s experience with it should be seamless.

–This was piece was originally published in the Irish Tech News as part of a recent interview.

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