Time moves as fast as you want it to. I was reminded of this recently as I was traveling. Out of my normal routine at home and work, I found myself with what appeared to be enormous freedom. I made the most of the change and tried not to worry about what was happening elsewhere, just what was happening around me.

Without any places that I needed to be or people that I needed to see, I was able to do what I wanted on my own schedule. Time seemed to flow–and I had time for everything.

Now that I’m back home and about to start work again, I’m working to let time flow as it did while on the road. How will I do it? By not pressuring myself to make every contact that I need to make with a sense of immediacy. Some things just take time to work themselves out–and this requires patience.

Instead of forcing my way through the day, I’ll take it as it comes while keeping an eye on where I need to go.

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