Organizing things has always come easily to me. At work, it started with small tasks like planning coffee meetings with my team and arranging casual get-togethers like lunches or happy hours. But before I knew it, my role grew larger—it expanded to planning and managing bigger meetings. It didn’t just happen randomly, though. Someone noticed how I handled meetings and decided to put me in charge of an important strategy session.

Today, I’m usually the one who volunteers to take control of significant projects in different sections of our company. And you know why? It’s because I’m good at doing this kind of work

The trick to doing this is fairly simple. If there’s a task you’re good at, offer to do more of it. Volunteer to solve problems. Make yourself someone others can always rely on. In no time, you will become the main person everyone turns to when they need help. By using your talents in different projects and tasks, you will not only make yourself a valuable member of your team, but you will also become more effective and efficient at what you do.

But it’s important to remember that it’s not about doing more work—it’s about finding the tasks that you’re good at and that your peers or clients have appreciated in the past. Don’t wait for someone else to notice your skills. Instead, you should show others how you’re using your skills to succeed. By doing so, you can earn the respect of your peers and perhaps even change how things are done in your workplace.

Often, those in leadership positions are not aware of the strengths of each member of the team. But if you’re regularly interacting with your colleagues or clients, you’re in a unique position to innovate and break boundaries. You can work on projects that show off your talents and, in the process, make your skills noticeable to everyone.

Don’t hesitate to volunteer for projects that allow you to shine. In some cases, you might need to highlight your own achievements. By exceeding expectations, you’re not only creating opportunities for yourself but also inspiring meaningful change in your organization.

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