Guiding an organization driven by values requires a different kind of leader. The most important thing you can do is to be accessible by all members of your team. It is critical because you need to hear direct feedback from what is happening on the fringes of your company. These edges are where your employees are meeting your customers. The creation of a feedback loop is necessary.

Your job is to then take the input from the fringes and align the resources of your company to meet those needs. This may include tweaking services currently provided, or possibly developing new products. Your ideal position is to be able to anticipate the customers needs in order to remain continually relevant and useful to them.

Being open to new ideas keep you flexible. If your company is driven purely by making a profit, you may find yourself less inclined to try new ideas because you will want to stick with your current profit centers. This will work fine until your customers needs shift and you will be in a position of not seeing that change coming.

What can you do right now to start anticipating your customers and employees needs? Listen.

In a constantly shifting cultural, economic, political, and social landscape, this is your only option to not get caught in the trap of being status quo.

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