A self-actualized workforce would be effective.

What does a workplace with self-actualized workers look like? Effective. People would very likely be working independently and only regrouping with others when needed. Meetings are a place to share ideas and less about following a specific agenda. People are guided by values, respect for others, a common vision, and the bottom line. It all goes along together.

People are free to pursue their own projects and interests along with the work they need to do for the organization. Working in this kind of arrangement is not for everyone. There’s not a lot of room for ego or pursuing a particular agenda.

A person’s role is aligned with their values and those values are aligned with the overarching vision of the organization.

In fact, the organization may even cease to exist. People will combine, produce, dissolve a relationship, and then recombine with others to create something else of value.

It’s a refreshing way to work that requires simultaneously a strong sense of self and a heightened awareness of one’s surroundings, and respect for others.

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