Behind platforms

Behind platforms you’ll find connections of people. Some bonds will be strong and others weak. Some people you will like to work with, and others not. But you are connected and that’s the important thing.

When platforms begin to network with other like-minded platforms, you end up with a flexible array of people and organizations that can become self-sufficient. The ties between a large number of platforms will grow weaker as the group grows, but it will remain centered on a core mass. It’ll likely be a set of values or a specific vision that holds this network together.

Loosely coordinated and continually evolving, this mass can create waves of impact on society. Remain rigid in the face of this kind of wave and you may not what hit you. A flexible approach gives you the ability to begin to move with the wave and synchronize your efforts with it.

However, the real question is where do you want to go? Answer that and you’ll have a better sense of when you need to be rigid and when you need to be flexible.

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