Everyday design–not a process, but a mindset.

Here are thoughts that I’ve assembled for a talk that I’m preparing on creating impact with design:

Treat everyone as a customer and with respect.

Manners are important.

Seek to help others even if you don’t have a clear cut solution ready to provide. This may open up new opportunities.

Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.

Don’t let processes slow you down.

When the door of opportunity opens, don’t be afraid to walk through it. Even if you are not sure where it will lead.

Become comfortable speaking in front of people. Be able to present a clear, coherent idea to people.

Practice the art of small talk. It will help you build personal connections with people.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind or present ideas that are counter to popular opinion.

People need space to create.

Learn to work with people that have different opinions than yours. Seek to build a bridge to generate understanding.

Tension can be positive for an organization. When harnessed it can generate unique solutions.

When faced with a challenging situation, choose the high road or rise above the situation. Strive to be the voice of calm in the room.

Offer a different perspective on problems.

Always keep the big picture and your role in the organization in mind.

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