You want to go over there, but you are standing over here. Maybe you are working in one job, but really want to be in another. You don’t like the current direction you are heading, and would instead like to go someplace else. Or maybe your business needs to shift, because your customers already have.

Creating change often starts with a simple thought. Actually carrying out the change requires coordinated movement, time, and patience. It’s easy for a person to say they want to do something, but following through often requires substantially more effort. Particularly if it involves working with other people.

Shifting an entire economy is a similar problem, just on a different scale.

The best way for a person or business to change is to actively take part in creating what’s coming next by planting seeds of growth. Take ideas for the future and cultivate them. Some ideas or projects will take root and most others won’t.

Waiting for change to happen on it’s own is a dead end.

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