Staying competitive and taking action

Staying competitive requires work and it’s not enough to rest on what you have already accomplished and coast. Why? The world keeps moving and the interests, needs, and wants of people can change. The moment you become fixed is when you start to fall behind.

It starts in your mind and it’s a conscious decision to not keep moving, to not pay attention to how other people are behaving or thinking, or to decide that you don’t want to find a way to contribute.

When you take action, any kind of action, you can start to influence what people are doing and the direction that things are headed. It’s often not easy, but the alternative is much worse. Taking action increases the likelihood that something favorable will happen.

Here are four steps that you can take right now to help you not only get involved, but also lead change:

  • Understand the context of the situation and figure out how, when, and where you can contribute.
  • Develop a sense of the impact that your work may have so that you can anticipate your next steps.
  • Investigate the underlying mindsets that affect how people behave. This will make your actions more effective.
  • Monitor the impact of your efforts and adjust your approach accordingly. Create a feedback loop in your organization.
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