Der Raumdeuter and a lesson in leadership.

Effective leaders can see the space in and around their organizations. They are also keenly aware of how the pieces move, shift, or align to create opportunities that may be there one moment, and gone the next. 

Learning to interpret space goes hand in hand with creating new opportunities. 

Still not sure about the concept?

Watch Thomas Muller of the Bundesliga’s Bayern Munchen and the German National Team at work on a soccer field. He is the self-proclaimed Raumdeuter, loosely translated as “Interpreter of Space.”

Here is a longer version:

Not the most highly-skilled relative to the other players, Thomas Muller can see opportunities and simply make things happen on the field. This and his unselfish style of play has made him one of the rising stars of his generation. 

Although he does score quite a few goals, he is more effective as a kind of facilitator–constantly setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities and showing up at the right time to execute a critical pass.

Modern leaders need to function more like Mr. Muller. 

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