The end game is the final stage of a game or competition in which the winner is determined. It can be a dramatic and exciting moment, or it can be anti-climactic. In either case, the end game can be the most important part of the game.

There are many different ways to end a game. Some games are decided by points, while others are decided by time. In some games, the end game is simply when one player has no more pieces left on the board.

The end game can also be determined by who makes the first move. In chess, for example, the player with the white pieces always makes the first move. This means that if both players have the same color pieces, the player with white pieces will have an advantage.

End games can also be decided by luck. In many card games, for example, the player who draws the highest card wins. This can be frustrating for skilled players who lose to someone who just got lucky.

No matter how it is decided, the end game is always important.

It is the moment when everything comes down to one final move or one final hand of cards. It is the moment when winners are made and losers are crowned. It is the moment when all of the tension and excitement of the game reaches its peak.

What end game are you pursuing? What if the competition is yourself?

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