Embracing authenticity and consistency

real is rare

There I was, shifting between personas like a chameleon—aggressive in one moment, relaxed in the next. I’d be the life of the party in small groups but fade into the background with larger crowds. Deadlines turned me into a bulldozer, while other situations found me calm and collected. Sound familiar? It’s because we all wear masks. We adapt to the … Read More

Connecting with others

connecting with others

To connect better with others, you need to first get to know yourself. By finding out what you really care about and what makes you unique, you can be more real with others. This helps you build stronger relationships that are based on real feelings and not just surface-level interactions. Why does this matter in the modern workplace? People are … Read More

Self-awareness is a compass


I used to think of self-awareness as just a buzzword, but over time I’ve come to realize that it’s a powerful tool. For experienced executives, self-awareness is crucial for effective leadership and decision-making. For new employees, it can help you understand your skills and where you fit best within the company. In teams, self-awareness can help cultivate a deeper understanding … Read More