Manmade systems include forms of government, communications, highways and roads, medical services, food production, package delivery, and even cars.  These systems have developed to support the lives of humans, especially those living a sedentary lifestyle in towns, cities, and urban areas.

The Industrial Revolution, from 1760 to 1840, fundamentally changed the way humans work, play and live.  A similar revolution has been underway since the advent of the internet and the digital revolution is currently unfolding.

Making sense of rapid change can be daunting, especially for individuals, companies, and organizations that are fighting to stay competitive and relevant.  A wrong move or ignoring shifting customer or constituent needs can make you irrelevant seemingly overnight.

How to survive in this landscape?  Keep an eye on the systems that are being built and figure out how to make them work for you.  If you are not happy with what’s being built, then build your own system, business, or organization to create what you need whether it’s money or a specific outcome.

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