This is a collection of articles that caught my attention this week with the theme of evolving business.

The impact of change is being felt across multiple sectors of the economy and is manifesting itself in different ways. From large companies to small, family-operated businesses, leaders are actively working to figure out what’s next. Technology is a primary driver that is forcing people to rethink how they create value. This week’s pieces cover the following general subjects: legal services, business models, the connection economy, artificial intelligence, the linkages between customers and businesses, agriculture, family businesses, and the internet of things.

Digital Health: Evolving Business Models Require Sophisticated Legal Strategy

Amazon’s Annual Report Reveals a Lot About How Its Business Is Evolving

Is TripAdvisor’s Business Model Broken?

The connection economy: How modern businesses are evolving from the Industrial Age

How AI is evolving from science fiction into a powerful business tool

How Consumers and Businesses Are Evolving in Interaction and Engagement

An evolving agriculture business

Accelerating customer time to value with new digital business platform

There’s business, and then there’s the family business

There’s Never Been a Better Time for IoT

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