Becoming more creative starts with becoming more aware of what’s going on around you.

Light, dark, color, texture, shade, shadow, balance, form, shape, solid, and void. This is the language of drawing.

The process of recording your observations through drawing will not only sharpen your skills of perception, but also develop your ability to think visually. It’s a basic skill that designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs can use as a communication tool to express ideas.

Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer, and clearer still. The image is passing through you in a physiological way, into your brain, into your memory – where it stays – it’s transmitted by your hands.

— Martin Gayford, A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney

Why drawing, though? Why not just take a picture?

Working through a sketch will make one acutely aware of the fine details of your subject. Over time and with practice, underlying structures or patterns may emerge that you didn’t notice previously.

When you become more aware of the details and nuance in the world around you, the more you will be able to see and create new opportunities.

Drawing is the art of being able to leave an accurate record of the experience of what one isn’t, of what one doesn’t know. A great drawer is either confirming beautifully what is commonplace or probing authoritatively the unknown.

— Brett Whitely

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