Reshaping and transformation are necessary for success in the new economy. Individuals and organizations need to learn how to apply what they know in different ways. It’s often not easy to do well, but here are a few things that can help you get started. It’s about structure.

This way of working is built on a foundation of experimentation and iteration within your organization. Mistakes will be made. Be ready to improvise.

People need space to be creative. Are you giving yourself and your co-workers or employees the room they need to create? Micro-managing the generation of new and innovative solutions requires time and patience.

Be open to new ideas. Can you accept the notion that ideas can come from anywhere in your organization? Are you open to receiving them—even if they don’t make sense initially or may be counter to your business plan? Can you handle being challenged?

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of considering something other than the status quo, then you may not be ready for committing to change.

The key is to understand that all successful transformation efforts must start fro within. You must decide to change and be open to hearing other ideas.


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