Instead of expanding, try evolving.

Who doesn’t want to expand or innovate?

Expansion, growth, and change require an input of energy in order for it to occur. What is the source of the energy and what form does it take? Time, money, effort, or resources are four easy examples. Anyone that has completed a major project or raised a child can relate to this.

How the input of energy is applied in the system to effect change is just as important as where it is used in order to create something new of value.

Don’t get hung up on trying to innovate at every opportunity. Not everything needs to be re-thought, re-invented, or re-created. Instead, try to make a difference for someone.

Simply keeping that thought in mind will change the very nature of how you relate to others. Friends, family, customers, employees, or even bosses would benefit from it because you are anticipating their needs or solving their problems.

Instead of talking about how a business or organization may expand or innovate, I prefer to think of it as the process of evolving. Recognizing that the environment in which your business exists is constantly changing is a powerful realization. This puts you in the position of working to keep your organization relevant as the conditions within the environment change.

It is absolutely fine to ignore all of this, but it is at your own risk. The speed of modern business demands that you keep pace with emerging problems and opportunities in order to stay competitive.

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