How to know what your customers want.

Trying to figure out what your customers want?

Talk to them. It’s that easy.

“But, what if they complain?”

If you are not ready to hear what people think about your products or services, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Don’t be afraid to listen.

Maintaining a dialogue with your customers will enable you and your business to evolve as your customer’s interests and needs change over time.

What prevents people from listening to their customers? Ego, “it’s not a priority”, or “a customer is not always right attitude” is what I frequently see.

The establishment of a feedback loop that connects you, your employees, and your customers is the most effective way to connect all aspects of your business. Providing a forum or space where thoughts and ideas can be shared openly is a critical part of building a learning organization.

Yes, it takes time and it may seem like a waste of time from the outside, but it satisfies the basic human need of wanting to be heard. If you take the time to listen to someone, then you may have just gain a follower for life.

Talk to people!

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