Need more time? Then make it.

Time can drive you crazy. So why not step out of it? Step back from your commitments and see the big picture. You may find that you perceive time as easy as you see the height, width, and depth of an object.

Need a change perspective? Change your time scale. A problem viewed in a one hour increment of time will look like a blip when viewed from the scale of one week or a month.

Want more time? Give yourself more space.

People overestimate the amount of time they need to accomplish something. Make an estimate of what’s needed to complete a task and then cut that figure in half. That’s a great place to start the conversation.

Time compression? Only a problem if you want it to be one. Remain calm and in the moment, and you may surprised at what you can get done.

Ever feel like you are caught in some kind of time loop where events seem to repeat themselves? Maybe it’s you. Take a moment to assess what you are doing.

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