As people evolve, their relationship with information will change.

As the world begins to downshift, I’m seeing that people are talking about slowing down and enjoying life more. Some are quitting there corporate jobs and starting up their own small businesses and committing to serving their local neighborhoods.

I don’t think this trend has hit social media yet, but when the tide of current technological development recedes from the shore, I wonder what life will be like. Highly connected people moving slower? What will be the state of user experience? 

It may be that people will realize that they don’t need as much. They certainly won’t need as much hardware as devices become multifunctional and ever-smaller, or even somehow non-existent. 

People will realize that they just don’t need as much information as they currently do to live. Regardless, the impact is the same–as people evolve, their relationship with information will change.

If people are slowing down, will their need for information slow down, too? If it does, I believe that people will be looking for singular, unique voices to follow. 

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