Leaders make their own gravity.

Leaders build organizations around a common vision.

It may require bold, decisive action that is counter to popular opinion. Leadership isn’t for everyone and it can be lonely at times. 

Want to know how to start learning to lead? Try simply showing up. 

The standard literature on leadership tells you that a leader needs to:

…have a vision.

…talk to employees.

…listen to and work with customers.

…hear people’s thoughts.

…give people space to create.

…remove barriers for progress.

…challenge the status quo.

…continually evolve.

…mentor new employees.

…be committed to learning.

…be open to new ideas.

…make connections.

…serve as a facilitator of action.

…be aware of how their actions impact the whole organization.

…empower people to succeed.

These are all great ideas, but without being engaged, you will have a hard time getting others to follow you. In order to lead, you have to build a following and get people to trust you. You have to be able to connect with people. This is the foundation of being able to create your own organization. Once you start moving and building, people will start to follow you.

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