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Organizations need to learn to co-exist and work with others, not compete with them. Not being aware of this subtlety is why organizations struggle during periods of rapid change.

The concept of competitive advantage loses meaning when people start working together and ego is removed from the equation. Company life becomes more about solving a particular problem than making money. Money will still be made, but it’s not the entire focus of the organization.

Companies that intend to stand the test of time need to be concerned with aligning all aspects of their organization to achieve its purpose. This can be accomplished through: 

  • establishing a clear vision
  • aligning the internal environment with the external environment
  • developing the ability to adapt quickly and having space for people to explore alternative scenarios 
  • leadership worrying less about competing with others 
  • taking an ecosystem view of the organization

The real game is working to make your organization a self-reliant and self-organizing entity. This will enable a company to adapt and evolve faster than others. The faster you evolve, the better position you will be in to serve emerging and existing customers. 

Companies that can’t evolve will become irrelevant.

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