Working in politics isn’t for everyone. It’s transactional.

What do I need to do to advance my agenda?

Who do you know?

What can you do for me?

If I help you on this, will you help me on that?

Can you donate money?

Do you have money or know people with it?

How can I leverage you to get to the next person?

Political leadership is about influence and building coalitions of people to get things done. There’s a certain skill set and outlook that is required in order to make that happen.

Rising above politics and becoming a leader is about making investments of time and resources in people that will enable them to grow. Working at this level requires a broader vision guided by principles–and it’s also not for everyone.

When you start down the path of serving others, how you interact with people will change. It’s less about the transaction itself and more about how you can maximize the benefit for all.

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