People will engage on their terms and this will dictate the speed and momentum of an organization.

Carefully selecting your partners has never been more critical because it will have a direct impact on the performance of your team.

One can manage the expectations of an employee, customer, or constituent, but you can’t motivate them to get more involved. That’s a personal choice and why it is important to understand why a person wants to work with you.

When you start to understand what drives people, then you can start to see where people fit into an organization. Placing people in positions based on the balance of their motivations and what they are able to handle levels an organization.

Time in grade was once a useful measure of an employee, but it is no longer an accurate way to define the value that people are capable of creating. Over time, work becomes about protecting what they think they know rather than reaching out and exploring new opportunities.

When people are more interested in protecting their position and territory in an organization, then innovation and change will be inhibited.

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