The best story I read yesterday, or sending signals

The best story I read yesterday is an article about blogger Garance Dore that appeared in Wired.

I was not aware of her work prior to reading the article, but it was incredible to see the impact that she made by doing things differently. Garance’s approach seems to have been driven by necessity and was enabled by the tools she had at her disposal–a camera and a blog.

It’s not enough just to start writing, take pictures, and upload them to your site. It has to be done consistently and it has to provide value. A fresh perspective helps, too.

The projection of one’s mind and voice has been enabled by the advent of blogs, social media, and other digital tools. It has given people the ability to share ideas and spread them in a way that in previous generations was simply not possible.

Strong, consistent voices with a new perspective now have the ability to penetrate and upend industries, redirect or shift entire markets, and ultimately make news sources of value. As more and more people are empowered to start their own projects and start sending their own signals, there will be a fundamental shift of power from established institutions to the people they serve. If anything, this shift is an opportunity for these organizations to evolve and become more relevant.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to follow Garance’s blog to see how she continues to create an impact with her work.

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