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Creativity becomes easier when you:

  • Perform or practice your craft daily. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.
  • Continue to grow and develop relationships with people in your creative network.

New ideas are generally not the result of the efforts of an individual, but rather the collective as a whole. It takes someone working with people to make connections between thoughts, notions, or movements of the individual or parts of the group to put the pieces together to form something new. 

I don’t take any connections for granted. If someone reaches out to me in person, over email, or on social media, I will respond to them. If the potential exists to collaborate because we have similar interests, then I will suggest that we continue the conversation.

It’s hard to predict how these new connections and possibilities will unfold. I have often found that the most innovative ideas come from where you least expect them. I pay close attention to the fringe because what’s happening in the middle is safe and known.

Creativity happens because you are tuned in with your environment. The effect is magnified when you are practicing often and talking to people with similar interests. This support network will help you succeed.

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