Three Factors That Impact Productivity

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In my experience working with various clients on different creative projects, I’ve found that there are three important factors that impact the productivity of employees: first, having the right tools; second, collaborating effectively with others; and third, understanding the purpose of your work. It might not be as easy as getting a new shovel, but believe me, the boost in … Read More

Productivity in The Age of Zoom

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The past two months have ushered in more change in the workplace than in the past few years combined. The Age of Zoom is only a month or so old despite the company being founded in 2011 and the software released in 2013. This period is less about the product itself and more about people and businesses alike rethinking the … Read More

Offices are evolving

Open offices aren’t for everyone. Apple has been the most recent company to have problems with this kind of office configuration: “According to John Gruber, an Apple podcaster and blogger, it has everything to do with the lack of privacy integrated into the open floor plan.” How do people feel about open offices? Why Your Open Office Workspace Doesn’t Work  … Read More