Take action and make changes

take action

Me: Why was I passed over for promotion? Why wasn’t I selected for the working group? Why do I feel stuck in my work? I’m not sure what to do next. I’ve had those thoughts at various times in my career. It’s part of the modern workplace experience. I felt stuck. The one thing about career stagnation that most people … Read More

Intentional words

embracing vulnerability

Effective workplace communication is not about sharing more information, but about being strategic and intentional with your words. Selectivity and clarity are key, as is the ability to listen and adjust as needed. The assumption that more communication is always better is a fallacy. It’s time to think more critically about what we say and how we say it.

Learn, adapt, pivot, and build

learn adapt pivot and build

It was all good until it wasn’t. The company said there was no need to worry. I wasn’t expecting the change, but it happened anyway. I was replaced. This seems to be a common story these days. Traditional notions of resilience suggest that I just needed to figure out a way to bounce back from this bout with adversity. As … Read More