Last week, I discussed future plans with the leadership team. This week, I connected with the client-facing staff, and a significant issue within our organization became clear.

  • Communication was a one-way street. It was essentially “our way or the highway.”
  • Messages were often lost in translation, similar to the game where a whispered message changes as it passes from person to person.
  • Proposals to improve direction from the leadership team were silenced. Leaders didn’t welcome alternative viewpoints to their plans.

It quickly became evident that their idea of effective communication was an illusion, primarily because they were conversing in an echo chamber with themselves.

Here’s how you can make it better:

  1. Encourage Two-Way Interaction: Dialogue is vital to ensure messages are received and understood, leading to effective action.
  2. Flatten the Hierarchy: Reducing layers in the organization helps decrease distortion and increase clarity by forming direct communication pathways.
  3. Value Every Voice: Great ideas and innovation can emerge from anywhere when we utilize the diverse perspectives of our team for better decision-making.
  4. Focus on Clarity and Cohesion: Align the vision and mission with clear, unified actions throughout the organization.

Instead of delivering orders down the chain of command, adopt a more dynamic approach to exchange ideas. By doing so, you might discover that your employees are not only more engaged but also have a clearer understanding of their tasks and the organization’s goals.

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