You and I might not notice, but the up-and-coming leaders do. Their view of organizational life and how people interact breaks from the past.

The issue is glaring: traditional organizations are riddled with silos, burdened by hierarchies, and resistant to change. Territorial behavior fuels inefficiencies, crushes innovation, and dims creativity.

As a result, worker morale plummets, dragging performance down with it. Despite obvious signs, there’s a stubborn resistance to change. These systemic inefficiencies act as a covert tax on growth—a cost no forward-looking organization can stomach.

We’re not just talking about a financial hit, it’s the irreparable damage to the human spirit that’s at stake. The next wave of leaders, raised in a world rich in social connections and information, not only spots these issues but sees through them. They’re not about to stand idly by.

Change isn’t just recommended–it’s critical for organizational survival and growth.

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