The story of my career: starting at the bottom and working my way up.

Climbing the ranks from the bottom up in an organization offers a unique perspective on what it takes to get things done, lead people, and build a successful business.

This vantage point allows for a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t, which leaders are effective, and what corporate messaging resonates most.

Observing the interactions between people throughout the company, one can truly experience the organization’s vibrancy and life.

On the other hand, working from the top down can sometimes lead to a more detached view, like watching an old video game where the focus is on keeping score rather than making meaningful progress or fostering a sense of purpose.

In contrast, a bottom-up approach resembles a live performance, where the individuals and their interactions matter, and the focus is on making real progress.

Considering both perspectives can provide a more comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build an organization. This is one that learns, adapts, and evolves in response to changes in the business environment. It maintains a sense of purpose and direction while remaining agile and responsive.

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