Overcoming assumptions to unlock change

Your reality? It’s built on a big assumption, and that’s what’s holding you back or pushing you forward. Change? It’s tough, but not impossible. Picture this: you’re wearing tinted glasses that skew your view of the world. When you acknowledge the lenses through which you see life and take them off, new perspectives will make it possible for real change … Read More

Balancing the change agent approach with organizational consistency


I’m a change agent. This approach works well when dealing with clients and their specific problems, particularly when they are seeking change. I excel at injecting just the right amount of controlled chaos into a situation to spark discussion and see where it leads. You could call it “stirring the pot.” However, applying this approach with management and leadership team … Read More

Catch a wave

it starts now

When it comes to changing habits or routines in the workplace, the key is to ride the wave of momentum. Changing patterns is not unlike surfing – you need to work with the existing power and speed to alter the course in a direction that suits you and the greater good of the team. The key is to make slight … Read More