In a place where land is scarce, developers are being urged to explore open design and fenceless communities. This is similar to what is happening in Copenhagen and Hong Kong.

Resident Sienna Song, 28, an MBA student, said she likes the condominium’s “open” aesthetic, adding: “This works only because the location is very quiet, and not facing a (main) road. If it was, we would expect better security. ”

Since then, URA has issued a number of tenders for residential developments that stipulate more “visually porous” designs.

In the latest last Friday, for a development in West Coast Vale, it stated its design “shall not be wall-like” on the south and eastern sides facing existing condominiums but have a perimeter “softened through landscape treatment”.

Some developers are already exploring the idea of replacing traditional fences with gentler barriers.


Former URA urban planner Chua Yang Liang said a push for fenceless condominiums would be “a step in the right direction”, and noted that a lower and more “visually porous” boundary could make the environment appear more spacious.

The important concept here is “visually porous.”

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