It’s essential to develop your observation and listening skills. Utilize your eyes and ears to better understand the dynamics of the workplace and make informed decisions.

Trust Your Observations – While it’s important to consider other people’s opinions, rely on your own observations as well. Observe your work environment and form your own interpretations. Pay attention to how people respond to you and your team, as this will give you insights into effective collaboration.

Build Connections – Establish connections with others, even those who may have a reputation for being difficult. Often, it just takes a little effort to understand the best way to approach and engage with them.

Clear Sight – To truly understand your colleagues, consider their place in the bigger picture and the factors influencing their work. Recognize how the office dynamics have evolved over time and how this affects individuals. By understanding these aspects, you can find ways to engage with people that help make their jobs easier.

Keen Hearing – Listen carefully to what is happening around you, particularly when tasks are assigned or feedback is given. Pay attention to people’s reactions, tone, choice of words, and expectations. These cues can reveal a lot about how they feel about their work and their interactions with others.

Combining Observation and Listening – By integrating what you see and hear, you can identify patterns of behavior within your organization and gain insights into its culture. Be aware of the small interactions between people, as these can provide a glimpse of what’s really happening. Compare and contrast the company’s values with the behaviors you observe, noting any discrepancies or inconsistencies to help you navigate various situations.

Asserting Yourself – Your observations and listening skills are especially important when determining how and when to assert yourself within the company. Additionally, discussing your observations with others can help validate your findings and reveal perspectives you may not have considered.

By connecting the dots between what you see and hear, you’ll gain a better understanding of the overall atmosphere and trends within your workplace.

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