He had never led a committee or taken on additional responsibilities. He preferred to go with the flow, and no one had heard him speak up effectively in a meeting. He was a backseat participant in most gatherings.

So, how did he get promoted?

His promotion came as a shock to everyone.

Well, his boss preferred to have someone around who was obedient rather than someone who was ambitiously seeking to help the department grow and expand. Someone who could manage, rather than lead.

It’s not uncommon for a mentor to take someone under their wing as an apprentice, to learn the ropes, and potentially be groomed for leadership roles.

However, this shouldn’t be done at the expense of overlooking other highly qualified individuals.

The more organizations become transparent in their processes and set clear expectations for what it takes to reach the next level, the easier it will be for employees to understand the promotion criteria. This transparency allows individuals to focus on their development and growth rather than being preoccupied with whether they are being treated fairly.

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