When we talk about bringing a change we think of it as a radical step which has the power to bring quantifiable results. The modern urban setting, which are considered beacons of development and progress, are usually thought of as the bringer of these changes. This is true in a lot of respects, but not in entirety.

Bringing about a change in urban areas, and that too immediately becomes quite hard, especially if you take into account the large population and industries that work according to a rigid structure. If a change is made then it has to start from the smallest of units, since they can be flexible in their approach.

It’s more feasible to start and implement policies in rural areas when compared to their urban counterparts. These units are small in size, which makes the process of bringing the change easier and, second, individuals who are a part of these smaller units are more willing to play their part in the development of their community as whole.

The following videos are examples of ways that people and organizations have taken the initiative to create change in various rural areas:

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