This is a collection of articles that caught my attention this week with the theme of solopreneurs.

The life of an entrepreneur is tough enough, but doing it by yourself is something else all together. Running a business solo can certainly be rewarding, but there are pitfalls and risks: running out of clients, not being good at sales, non-paying clients, not being able to keep up with the competition, not charging enough for your services, or not being all-in to your project. The following articles will give you insight, options, and thoughts for the future to build your enterprise.

Can Solopreneurs Succeed?

SaaS Keeps SMBs and Solopreneurs from Falling Behind in Cloud

What All Solopreneurs Should Know About Giving Clients Discounts

14 Free Tools Every Solopreneur Needs

Why Small Business Ownership Will Skyrocket In 10 Years — Especially By Solopreneurs

Five Tough Lessons These Solopreneurs Learned In Their First 12 Months

Best-Selling Author Veronica Roth Tells What Writing Books Is Really Like

7 Online Classes To Increase Your Freelancing Savvy

10 Productivity Tools for the Sole Proprietor

4 Creative Solopreneurs Who Prove You Don’t Need a Marketing Budget to Succeed on Social

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