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Structure can take the form of a wall or a column in a building, or a process in an organization. It could also be the specific arrangement of the parts of a team or company. 

Space exists in and around the structures that we build and it is where human activity takes place. Adjust the structure and you impact the space, and therefore, the people working in those areas.

Columns and walls likely won’t shift as frequently as an organizational chart or the processes that define our work. As leaders, you have the ability to shape how people act based on the structural elements that define your organization. Paying careful attention to where people work and how they interact in those spaces is just as important as how your work is organized and accomplished.

Not everything can be planned or controlled and it is up to leaders to give people not only the space to do their job, but also the room to create what’s next. Specific processes may enable getting work done, but it’s the action that these processes create between people that will spark new ideas and future growth.

What can you do right to effect change in your organization?

  • Invest time and resources in your people to help them grow as individuals and members of the team
  • Create a framework to enable creativity and the expression of new ideas
  • Allow people to become involved in the leadership and management of the organization
  • Map the processes that define your organization and eliminate redundancy

Simply enabling people to get involved and become invested in their work and your organization can empower them to help co-create and bring your vision to life.

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